Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cheers to new beginnings!

My favorite day in the world is Dec. 31st. It's the day that everyone in the world makes a decision to change in some way once the clock strikes 12. It's a day full of joy, celebration, and remembering all the things that made the year before what it was.

This year a lot changed for me...for one, I finally started wearing my hair the way God made it....crazy. I mean, curly. Lol. For the LONGEST time I would spend hours and hours straightening it! Until one day I just said, forget it. This is the way my hair is...I might as well embrace it!

Believe it or not, that mindset spiraled into every area of my life. It allowed me to wear what I wanted, sing what I wanted, and be who I wanted. It made me stop caring what anyone else thought about me, and just start living! A lot of times people will try to put you into a box of who they think you should be, but don't let them! You are exactly who you are suppose to be.

What's your resolution? The most popular one is - LOSE WEIGHT! Especially after all those desserts we love to eat during the holiday season! (I'm guilty!) I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say "this year i'm cutting out carbs!" Or, "this year - I'm eating less sugar!" But we allll know once January 2nd rolls around, we're grabbing that Hershey bar!! Haha! That's when I realized my resolution should be something I can keep, something deeper....

What's my resolution?  I thought the best way to do it, would be to make a list and keep it on my wall. A little 2011...

1. I am stronger
2. I am not afraid
3. I can do anything I put my mind to
4. With God, all things will be possible
5. I will love myself and those around me more than ever before

I think we all can be who we want to be this year. It's 2011, a new decade, a new beginning. Why can't our dreams come true this year?? Why can't we be stronger and have less fear?? Why can't we do things we've never done before?? At 12:00 I made a decision to never again, think that we can't. We can, and we will.

Whether you fill your cup with water, apple cider, or whatever it is that you enjoy. Lets CHEERS to new beginnings!! Happy New Year everyone!!!

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