Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why is my butt so big??!

"Why is my butt so big?!" "Why are my boobs so small?!" All questions we ask ourselves, sometimes daily.  Plastic surgery is the growing trend in our world, why wouldn't it be?? You have the chance to fix any little thing on your body that you might hate about yourself. When I was young, my nose was WAY too big for my face, and let me tell you...if I could've gotten a nose job, I would've! Why not, right? Nose job here, boob job there, whats the big deal? But, how far is too far? 

When I saw all the plastic surgery Heidi Montag had done, it was very disturbing to me.  Not because she had something done, but because she felt she needed it.  Before, Heidi was a beautiful girl with unique features. Was her face perfect? Of course not, but perfect is over rated. I would rather have something a little "imperfect" that makes me stand out, then try to make myself look like everyone else.

Tonight is the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! That's right, all the most "gorgeous" women come out and walk that runway shamelessly. While I love watching all the amazing garments and glitter of the show, I can't help but wonder who it might be affecting negatively. We see images of these fit, and what appears to be flawless women over and over. Covers of magazines, on TV, in movies...where are the real people? The world has become obsessed with the way we look so much, that we forgot what really matters...your inside. 

Some people get so obsessed with outward, that what was once a simple harmless idea to "get fit" turns into....

We see ourselves in this false light and give ourselves an unrealistic image to live up to.  The girl in that picture is WAY too skinny and yet, she sees herself as being heavier. The worst part of this picture, is that the girl in the mirror looks healthy and beautiful! But she doesn't like that image, its too big, not "fit" enough, not enough like the girls in the magazines. When will magazines start showing real people? Untouched up, raw, maybe some junk in the trunk people? 

Isn't she just soo GORGEOUS?! No wrinkles, amazing eyes, skin, everything! I wish I looked like that...actually, I bet she does too...

THATS real. Thats beautiful. But we never see that. I think she's just as gorgeous in the 2nd picture, as she is in the first. Maybe if more people saw it this way, eating disorders wouldn't be so popular, or the #1 reason of death. Everyone tries to fit into this mold of how everyone should look, but how boring would the world be if we all looked the same? 

My hair is a little too big, and my boobs are little too small, and you know what...thats great! We all could love and accept ourselves a little more and realize that the sexiest thing in the world is confidence! ;-) Work what you have! All those unique things about you...after all, you're the only one that has it! 
Everyday we can try to love ourselves the way we are, a little bit more....until then, I'll keep asking...."Why is my butt so big??!" Peace <3


  1. Thank you Lissa! I want to forward this to all my young dance and acting students. :)

  2. No problem at all, I'm so happy to be able to share this with people! :-) That would be great thanks so much! Hopefully they will enjoy it, and maybe even feel a bit better about themselves after reading :-)